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One of the most important aspects of BDSM play is having the right equipment. Whether you’re interested in bondage, impact play, or sensation play, having high-quality, safe, and reliable gear is essential. In our equipment category, you’ll find a wide range of product reviews, buying guides, and tutorials to help you make informed decisions about the gear you use. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Bondage gear, such as rope, cuffs, and restraints
  • Impact toys, such as floggers, paddles, and canes
  • Sensation play toys, such as feathers, wax, and ice
  • Safety equipment, such as safety shears and first aid kits

Best double ball gag: The ones We Love

Best Double Ball Gag

The human face has always been central to cultural discussions, serving as a key medium for showcasing identity and expression. Its use in practices like masking and tattooing highlights our evolving aesthetic inclinations1. Among BDSM gear, the premier double ball…

Essential Guide to Bit Gags: Uses & Choices

BDSM Bit Gag

The history of bit uses stretches far back, originating around 3500 to 3000 B.C. in ancient Kazakhstan1. Initially used in equestrian disciplines, the bit has evolved into the BDSM bit gag. This transformation marks its place as a key element…

Understanding the Use of O Ring Gags Explained

O ring gag as BDSM accessory

In the domain of BDSM, O ring gags are significant. They exemplify control and submission, allowing for speech without silencing it completely. Unlike ball gags with a common diameter of 1.75 inches, fitting snugly1, O ring gags have an open…

Top Spanking Paddles for Discipline and Play

impact play paddles

Spanking paddles, key in BDSM, elevate impact play with varied sensations. When choosing tools for discipline, quality and design are essential. The Brand New 5 Pieces Paddle Leather Set exemplifies this, with its superb craftsmanship. Limited to only 5 sets,…

Understanding the History of Slave Collars

historical significance of slave collar

Between the 17th and 19th centuries, Dutch traders engaged in the grim commerce of human lives, selling over 600,000 Africans across the Americas. This harrowing trade etched a somber narrative in our history1. The slave collar, a symbol of this…

Submissive Collar Guide: Styles & Significance

BDSM submissive collar

A mere accessory at a glance, yet deeply significant within, a submissive collar embodies ownership and trust in the BDSM community1. It is not a simple decision; wearing a BDSM collar signifies a rich blend of personal touch, practicality, and…

Ultimate Guide to Flogger Whip Selection & Care

Leather Flogger

In the dynamic realm of BDSM tools, leather floggers are highly sought after. They are celebrated for their visual and tactile qualities in impact play1. The choice of leather—ranging from soft suede to exotic elk or buffalo—impacts both the look…

Essential CBT Toys Guide for Mindful Play

Mindful Play with CBT Toys

It’s the silent language of play that helps bridge communication gaps, especially in children. Between the ages of 2-7, children engage in symbolic play, a critical aspect of their development, as observed by Piaget. The importance of this stage led…

Best Sex Cuffs for Enhanced Intimate Play

Premium Selection of Top-Rated Sex Cuffs

Today’s couples have ventured at least once into the world of pleasure-enhancing accessories1. The rise of sex cuffs has turned bedrooms into arenas of deepened erotic exploration. Thanks to works like Fifty Shades of Grey2, what was once niche is…